Creating a Windows server and log in to it using Remote Desktop
Posted by Tobias J on 2018-06-12 11:13

One of the benefits of the cloud is fast and easy creation of new severs on demand. This is how you quickly create a server and login to it.

First click on "Servers" in the menu to the left and then on "Create server".

When creating a new server we will first of all have to name it and chose a zone to create the server in. To reduce latency you want a zone that is close to the location where you want the data to be served to.

For example if you have a website with mostly visitors from Sweden you don`t want to create a server in LA.

When the location is chosen we have to decide which operating system we want to use. For this example I will create an Windows 2016 Datacenter with Desktop experience. Chose the Windows 2016 Datacenter with Desktop experience image in the list. If you have a snapshot or uploaded your own image you can select it by changing the "Select boot source" option, for simplicity we will chose a public image.

Next step will be to chose the size of the server. A minimum size is to have 4 GB RAM and 1 core. This will work for a simple server without a heavy application. I will be running a msssql database on it so i will have to increase it. To be one the safe side I will chose 12 GB RAM and 6 cores. 

When choosing network and security groups I will leave it at default. I will however click the "Create external IP" to receive an IP to connect to. 

At this stage we are not able to choose a username for our server. This is because we will have to login via VNC to set the password for the Administrator user before we can create additional users. So for now click on the "Create server" button.

When the server is created we have to login via VNC to set the password. Click on the server and then on the "Connect" tab. Click on "VNC Console". If you get an error saying "Failed to connect to server (code: 1006)" don`t worry about it, just click on "Open in new window" or refresh your brwoser, as the control panel might just not have gotten a confirmation that the server is up and running.

When you have a console you will be met with this window.

Click on OK and chose a password containing at least one capital letter, one small letter and one number.

When the password is set we are able to login to the server using Administrator as username and our newly set password. The server is natively open for rdp and you can connect using any client you want.