Creating a Linux server and log in to it using SSH
Posted by Tobias J on 2018-06-12 11:04

One of the benefits of the cloud is fast and easy creation of new severs on demand. This is how you quickly create a server and login to it.

First click on "Servers" in the menu to the left and then on "Create server".

Create server

When creating a new server we will first of all have to name it and chose a zone to create the server in. To reduce latency you want a zone that is close to the location where you the data to be served to.

For example if you have a website with mostly visitors from Sweden you don`t want to create a server in LA.

New server

When the location is chosen we have to decide which operating system we want to use. For this example I will create an Ubuntu 16.04 server. Chose the Ubuntu 16.04 image in the list. If you have a snapshot or uploaded your own

image you can select it by changing the "Select boot source" option, for simplicity we will chose a public image.

If you want any specific packages installed to the server you can chose them from the packages in the next section. Since I want to create a web-server I will install a LAMP on it. 

When choosing the size for the server you want a size that does not cost you to much but it will have to be able to run all the applications on the server. I know that my website is quite small with as far as no visitors so 1 GB of RAM and 1 Core will work great for me.

Im also happy with the volume size of 20 GB. The root partition can only be changed by stopping the server, creating a snapshot, and creating a new server. For this reason it is important to create a large enough root partition at start, unless you can plan for maintenance while increasing the partition at a later stage. A root partition can never be decreased in size.

Since I don`t have set up an own network or security group I will leave these as Default. I will however click the checkbox to Create an external IP for me, allowing me to ssh to the server when it`s created. 

The last thing we will have to do is to chose a username and password to be able to login. If you have an SSH-key you want to use it`s possible to add that one as a Login keypair (See other guides on how to create it). I have one and will use it.

Be sure to use a strong password with at least 8 signs with small and capital letters, numbers and special signs. 

When all this done click the "Create server" in the bottom right corner. After a short while your server will be created and you will see an IP adress you can connect to. Simply ssh to the machine as the user you chose.